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Term 3

RE - Islam

During RE we looked at two Islamic pilgrimages called Umrah and Haji. We looked at the similarities and differences between them. The children were asked to organise sentences relating to the different pilgrimages onto a venn diagram. This really helped to embed their learning and understanding. The children found the facts very interesting and together were able to sort the sentences into the correct area. 


While Umrah and Hajj are both spiritual pilgrimages to Makkah with similar rituals, there are key differences. Umrah is a quick, non-compulsory pilgrimage to receive blessings at any time of the year. Hajj is an obligatory, extended pilgrimage with more rituals that all Muslims are expected to undertake at least once.

History - What happened when the Romans came to Britain?

During History today we became groups of Roman characters such as a slave, governer, soldiers, and Boudica, the children were different people and had to put themselves into the position of the character and answer questions given to them. The children's role played this very well and it enabled the children to understand what it was like during Roman times and how different scenarios affected each character differently. We discussed how the celts felt to be invaded by the Romans and then how it felt for the Romans to invade Britain. 

Computing - Garage Band

During today's computing, we looked at creating a loop using keyboards. The children had to create a small piece of music using the keyboard then record it and create a loop. The children really enjoyed doing this and were more than happy to share theirs with the class.

PE - Gymnastics - Bridges

During PE today we looked at making bridges with a partner and using the apparatus. We looked at creating a sequence of movements and bridges. The children had to think about how they would move around the apparatus and the different styles of bridges they could make. The children were fantastic at this and created some brilliant sequences.