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Wed 16th

This years preparations for Christmas have been a little different. However, it is lovely seeing some of the Kingfishers doing these activities at home instead. A fantastic Christingle.
What a brilliant way to start my day! It was lovely to listen to Christmas carols played by my Kingfisher. Keep up the hard work.
Such a wide range of activities being seen from my Stay at Home Superheroes. Here is one working very hard on his Maths. You wouldn't know we weren't in class with how much effort all the Kingfishers are putting in.
More hard work with the CGP books. It is great to see children enjoying their core subjects at home as much as the fun alternative creative tasks. My Kingfishers are flourishing at home but I can't wait to see them back in the classroom.
Story time today saw us join with 14 of our Kingfishers! Brilliant that they could have the chance to see each other, enjoy a story and share their predictions for tomorrow's chapter!
Some great reading comprehension sent to me today! Well done, another good use of the CGP books.
Baking seems to be enjoyed by many Kingfishers and these scones look amazing! I wish I could join you. Enjoy!
A beautifully written story based on our enquiry question- How do we recover from disasters? The character shows true compassion while helping those in need and this shows a great depth of understanding of our class enquiry. Not to mention the amazing use of vocabulary, neat presentation and good sentence structure! Well done- great effort!
What a perfect idea for a pudding! This looks delicious and looks like you are full of excitement to try it. Enjoy!
Another fantastic story based on our enquiry question- How do we recover from disasters? The story plot develops well showing how we can be kind and helpful to those in need, especially to Santa. Great sentence structures used, as well as brilliant vocabulary! Well done!
Another fantastic use of the sewing skills we learnt in class. Well done for really embedding this with so much passion and joy.