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Term 5 - A fight for survival: why do we need to evolve and adapt?

Learning all about the Pentecost with Rev Sudharshan and friends


We have had a lovely time at Wyberton Church with Rev Sudharshan. In a series of workshops, we learnt about the Pentecost and the session ended with hot chocolate and cookies! Thank you to the guests, to our parent helpers and to the children who were so polite and respectful whilst in the Church.


Sun and Water Safety Day


On this special off-timetable day, the Deer Class learnt all about how to keep themselves safe whilst in the sun. We watched a video from Boots which showed the damage that the sun can do to your skin. It was lovely to see the children applying their learning following this day - lots of children wore a hat to school and many had applied sun cream too! Well done for being Sun Smart!

Here is some of our work from the day:

Deer Class have been loving our Art lessons. We have been developing our watercolour skills to paint beautiful landscapes of the Amazon Rainforest. We were inspired by Henri Rousseau and we were fascinated to learn that the artist had never seen a tiger or visited the rainforest before painting 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm.'


In our Reading lessons, we have been enjoying the book Darwin's Dragons by Lindsay Galvin. We have analysed chapter 1 and developed our inferences on the chapter.

Investigating Darwin's theory of evolution in Science


We have been learning about Charles Darwin and his voyage on HMS Beagle. We discovered that whilst there, he encountered many different animals including finches which had different shaped beaks. Charles Darwin found that the seeds available on the islands where the finches lived differed in size and that finch beaks had adapted to the size of seed available. He concluded that the finches beaks had evolved over time as favourable characteristics were passed down through generations of birds. We investigated this theory (and had lots of fun learning too!)


Super Science learning


Our enquiry began with the big question 'A fight for survival: why do we need to change and adapt?' The Deer Class shared what they already knew about the Amazon rainforest, evolution and inheritance.