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How does a seed transform to your plate?

Our enquiry

The Kingfishers will work over the next two terms learning knowledge and skills that they can use to answer the question- How does a seed transform to your plate? Have a look on our enquiry mat at the knowledge, vocabulary and topics we are using to support our learning.

This enquiry will include a gardening work in our school allotment. It would be helpful if all children bring in a change of clothes to garden in that they don't mind getting dirty. If not the Kingfishers will wear their PE kit to garden in.


The Kingfishers started their growing enquiry by planting courgette and tomato seeds to see what happens in the first stages of seed germination. We have put them in the warm greenhouse and we will watch them closely. 


We are learning about the process our food goes on to get to our plate. We examined the difference between fresh, frozen and fast food. The Kingfishers role played shopping in a super market using different tables to represent different shopping groups. 


This week we started our new learning about Christianity. We explored the events within Holy Week and the children used their knowledge to explain the order the events occurred in. The Kingfishers then explored these further by role playing the different events.


This week we started our new P.E. focus of jumping. The children explored the difference of hopping and jumping. The Kingfishers played snakes and lily pads to develop their jumping and hopping. 


The Kingfishers explored having things in common by looking at our similarities. First we explored physical similarities like hair colour, glasses and heights. Then we explored clubs outside of school we might have in common like beavers or swimming.


This week we checked our courgette and tomato seeds in the greenhouse from last week. The tomatoes haven't shown through yet but the courgettes have started to sprout. 


We also set up an experiment to see germination occur. We have beans on the window that we will keep damp and wait to see if we can see them sprout. 

Our visit to Willoughby Foods Farm

Today we visited their school field that has allotment plots for different schools. We took onion bulbs and leek plants that we grew from seed in our greenhouse. The children loved getting involved and understood the plot hadn't been too successful yet due to the lack of rain. 


Today we learnt about where food came from by singing an updated version of Mrs MacDonald. We also played a game where we were under ground, on the ground or above the ground depending on where we thought the fruit or vegetable grew.


Today the Kingfishers developing their jumping further by creating sequences of jumps they taught their partners. Once this was secure, the Kingfishers used their routines to create one joint sequence and practised performing this in unison. 


Today the Kingfishers explored how we feel when we are left out and when we are included. The children were set the challenge of creating a tower and explored listening skills as a way of making sure everyone is heard and feels valued.


Today the Kingfishers checked on the seeds they planted in the green house and were amazed to see the progress. The courgettes have grown very quickly and the tomatoes have germinated and started to grow as well. 


The Kingfishers explored using vegetables to create portraits. The children thoroughly enjoyed finding features within the vegetables and then they applied their sketching skills to create these portraits.

Water and Sun Safety Day

Today the Kingfishers learnt how to stay safe around water and in the sun. They went on a shade hunt looking for safe places in the school grounds, created an action poem sharing how to safely and effectively put on sun cream and debated the benefits of wearing a hat.


The children started learning about length and height today by comparing their heights using vocabulary like taller and shorter.

Our exciting adventure to Willoughby Road Allotments

We loved visiting the allotment and seeing all the different plants they have growing there. The children observed how the allotment save energy and look after our planet by the use of solar panels, water butts and different styles of compost. 


It was lovely to sit in the shade and relax after our visit to the allotment. We reflected on everything we learnt this morning, enjoyed whilst we were there and understood how they look after the world.