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I know that some of you wanted a change from using your CGP books for Reading comprehensions, so I have found a short film clip that we are going to use. Remember we can develop our reading skills through pictures, films and music as well as written texts.


The clip that we are going to use for our reading lessons can be found here.


Tuesday's lesson - reading activity 1

LO: To support my inferences using evidence from the clip

In today's lesson, you are going to answer some inference questions based on the clip click on the document below and write your answers in your lined book.

Thursday's lesson - activity 2

LO:  To infer a character’s thoughts and feelings

Point of view.

Imagine that you are the boy from the clip. Answer the questions below using full, detailed sentences. Write your answers into your lined book.

Use your imagination and think of how the boy might be thinking and feeling. You can make up information to help you.

Reading Challenge

Good news Badgers! Our reading raffle is continuing this week. You can still win a raffle ticket for completing any reading activity including comprehensions, reading for pleasure or joining us for Wednesday's story time. Just let me know what you have done and you will be entered into the competition every Friday afternoon.


Reading for pleasure

What are you reading for pleasure at the moment? If you need a new book to read, send me a message and I can choose one for you and pop it in the office for you to come and pick up if you are out on a walk with your family.


I am currently reading The Girl Who Speaks Bear by Sophie Anderson. I chose this book because I LOVED the House with Chicken Legs by the same author. So far I am enjoying the story. The main character has just awoken and found out that she has grown the legs of a bear!

What are you reading? Please share your reading with me or book in for a video chat and you can read to me! Book in here