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Week beginning 29th March

** Letter regarding whole school closure - March 2021 **

Hello Year 6 and welcome to the last three days of term! I am really sorry that we can't be in school, but here you can find a timetable of our lessons and any resources. You are not expected to print any of the resources or activities - instead, you can complete your work on paper or type it on a tablet/phone/laptop. Have a watch of this quick 'hello' video from Mr Hawkins - https://wyberton-primary-academy.primarysite.media/media/29321 


Mrs Duncan and I will be in touch during the week, and we are hoping to have a daily catch up with you all every morning too. Remember to make Bookings appointments or email me your hard work, just like you did previously. See you all soon - remember that you are AMAZING! :)  


We will have a 9am check in each day too - to access that, please click here each morning at 9am. We will have a catch up and discuss the learning for the day. 

You can now book reading sessions with Mrs Duncan! Click here to access Bookings, then select 'Deer reading with Mrs Duncan' and choose a convenient slot.


We are continuing our learning about measures and conversions, with this week’s learning onto miles and kilometres. Have a look at the video below to help with Maths 1 and Maths 2 (it is the same video for both lessons), as well as the resources: https://vimeo.com/505789895

Arithmetic – please find this week’s Arithmetic test below. After approximately 30 minutes, you should stop the test and then mark your work, using the answers provided below. There is a video here for you to watch.


In our English lessons, we are continuing to focus on making the exciting, detailed descriptions. Last week, you wrote some fantastic writing based on what you thought the cave under the volcano looked like. This week, you are exiting the cave and stepping out into the Galapagos Islands… but the volcano is erupting! Have a look at the resources for each lesson as they contain more information. Your work can be handwritten on paper, or typed on a laptop/phone or tablet.

Big Write

This week's Big Write involves writing a debate! Have a look at the information below, then write your own answer to the debate motion: Tourists should be banned from places such as the Galapagos Islands.


Our Spelling for this week is focusing on the Year 5/6 spelling words. Please find the activities on the resource below – you can practice on a piece of paper or type them. The assignment is on Spelling Shed too, so please remember to go on that.


Reading 1 – read the fluency task. Time yourself and make sure that you can

Reading 2 – re-read the fluency task. Answer the comprehension questions, either on a piece of paper or by typing them. Then mark your work afterwards using the answers on page 2.

Reading for pleasure – spend time reading a book, magazine or online article of your choice.  Newsround always has some great online articles to read: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround.


We have two Science lessons this week to finish our learning of Evolution & Inheritance.

Science 1 – start by playing a game of Taboo with a family member. You need to try to describe the words at the top of each Taboo card, but you are not allowed to use the words below it in your definition! Try it… it’s challenging but great fun! After you have done this, you will see there is a document below with some questions on about your learning this term. Complete these either on a piece of paper or feel free to type your answers.

Science 2 – we have learnt about how living things have adapted over millions of years. I would like you to predict how you think humans might evolve in the future. Have a look at the information below and watch this video in the Video Resource Centre.


For our Art lessons, you will be creating some effective tornado art work for our topic next term, exploring tonal effects. Have a look at the resource below for instructions from Mrs Duncan (it contains your learning for the two Art sessions this week).


PSHE this week is continuing understanding online safety. Today’s lesson explores what content is safe and unsafe to share online. Have a look at Mrs Duncan’s information below, then please complete the sorting activity.


Our R.E is continuing to explore the beliefs of scientists and Christians. Have a look at Mrs Duncan’s information below, which also contains your activity.

P.E (if you have time)

Complete the P.E activity – Battleships. This should be done in your garden, or somewhere with lots of space!


You could also design your own orienteering course in your house! Apply your skills learned from your P.E lessons by making a map of your house, then placing numbers or letters in key areas. Create a code which your family members can unscramble. The symbols for orienteering are included below.