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Term 1 How have survival skills changed through time? (Focusing on the Stone Age)

Understanding the value of each digit in a three digit number
Today we were exploring the value of digits in a three digit number by drawing hundreds, tens and ones of a given number on the playground. Lots of fun had by all and the reasoning was incredible from some of the Foxes!
Reflecting on our learning so far...
We have been reflecting on our learning since returning to school last week. This has been done outside using natural materials. Their creations have prompted some really good discussions!
Have you ever seen a woolly mammoth?
Have you ever seen a woolly mammoth? We have been investigating just how difficult it would be to wash a woolly mammoth by finding as many facts about them as possible!
Did you know the Stone Age is split into three periods?
We found out today that the Stone Age was actually split into 3 periods! We studied some pictures and placed them on a time line as we learnt how survival skills developed through time.
Our first 'Star of the Week'
This week's Star of the Week is... EVERYONE! This week has been incredible and I'm so proud of all of Fox Class. It was so difficult to choose just one little Fox!
Using drama to develop our vocabulary
The children used drama to develop vocabulary choices, building on our previous lessons. They gave clear verbal instructions to each other on 'how to wash a woolly mammoth' and are now ready to begin planning their own set of instructions
The first draft of our instructions on how to wash a woolly mammoth
Some fantastic examples of first drafts of the children's instructions. The classroom was buzzing with excitement as it was finally time to put all of our learning together. The tools on the tool kit really helped all of the children remember what they needed to include!

Homework projects


This year, we have changed the names of the team house leaders. The children were given the task of finding out as much information about their new leader so that they can discuss the qualities of each one in events such as celebration assemblies.

Classifying rocks as impermeable or permeable


The children discussed suitable experiments that they could conduct to find out which is the rock soaks up the most water. The children chose to put the same amount of water in a pot with each rock in and then measure how much water is left after 5 days. 


The children were were able to link the results with their learning about materials from Year 2 and explained why most houses have slate roofs.

Exploring the three type of rocks


The children used the starburst experiment to develop their understanding of how sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks are formed.

Ordering three digit numbers

Tthe children continued to develop their understanding of place value by ordering three digit numbers in ascending and descending order using large chalks on the playground.



The children listened to a story and every time something mean happened to the character in the story, the children took away a piece of the jigsaw to show the negative effects unkind things can have on our own feelings. As a class, we then discussed how we would have responded differently in the story and placed a piece of the jigsaw back to show the positive impact of kindness.


This term's P.E. is netball. Fox Class have been busy developing their passing skills using chest pass, finding, and creating space. The children played in mini-games today using the skills they have learnt so far.

Understanding the effects of erosion, transportation and deposition 


This week we have used practical experiments to develop our understanding of erosion, transportation and deposition. This helped the children understand the physical processes and how they may affect the environment.




 The children learnt about personal space using hoops in the hall. It was lovely to hear the discussion and empathy shown to others who may find people stepping into their personal space uncomfortable.

Hello Yellow Day!


Today has been all about positive mental health. We focused on activities that make us feel good and how to access these when we need them.

Looking at the changes that the Neolithic period brought.


The children looked at how farming skills and tools had been developed through the periods. We looked at small changes, big changes, and things that had remained.

Identifying the different layers that are in the soil.


We used different resources to recreate each layer in the soil. The children researched what each layer is used for and what might live in there!