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Term 1- How much did the Ancient Egyptians achieve?


This term our key enquiry is How much did the Ancient Egyptians achieve? This will be woven through our curriculum this term. We are currently looking at The Egyptian Cinderella during our English lessons with the purpose of entertaining and writing a narrative. During our Reading lessons, we will be reading Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx and during Art, we will be making canopic jars. This will give us the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and develop our knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians.


PSHE -SCARF - Human Machines


During today's lesson, we created human machines to build relationships, teamwork and trust. We learnt that for our machines to work effectively, we needed to use clear and effective communication, be respectful and make good decisions. Each time we added to our human machines, we talked about the positives of having more support and more people to help us and share ideas.


History - Ancient Egyptians 


Today's lesson explored artefacts and how they helped us learn more about the Ancient Egyptians. We had some replicas in school and the children were excited to explore and learn more about the Egyptians. We discussed the Rosetta Stone currently in the British Museum in London and the different types of hieroglyphics which were carved into it. We explored some hieroglyphics and realised some of the alphabet had the same symbol making it difficult to decipher and that hieroglyphics can be written in any direction, you would only know which way to read it based on the direction of the images.  


ART - Sculpting 

During today's lesson were learned and practiced different techniques to sculpt clay. This included a variety of modelling techniques to shape their clay such as rolling in a ball, rolling snakes to make long tubes, squeezing, pulling, pinching and smoothing. The children are very excited to make canopic jars.






LO. To examine important festivals within Islam

Today we learnt about the festival of Eid ul-Eid and its importance to the Islamic community. the rituals they carry out and the importance of why the Islamic community fast.


Eid ul-Fitr is a very important festival in the Islamic calendar and was started by the Prophet Muhammad himself. It is also known as 'The Feast of Breaking the Fast' and is celebrated by Muslims worldwide to mark the end of Ramadan.