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Week beginning 01/03/21

Hello Owl Class,

Well done on a fantastic first week of Term 4. We have one more week of remote learning and then we will be all together again (I can’t wait).  As we approach the end of this week, I would just like to say that although we haven’t been in school I have loved seeing all of your work that you have been doing at home and I am so proud of everything you have done over the last term. You have gone above and beyond and I am so proud to be your teacher!

On Thursday this week, it is WORLD BOOK DAY! We have some exciting activities planned and I can’t wait to see lots of photos of what you get up to. If you have a costume at home, wear it and get involved as much as you can.


Below is the suggested timetable for this week. Again, it is the same as what the keyworker children will be doing in school. Feel free to adapt as you need.


Morning lessons


Afternoon lessons



Maths 1

English 1


During this time, I am available to respond to emails, so please send me images of what you have been doing.

Topic 1

Reading- cold task

During this time, I am available for Online Bookings, responding to your emails and making phone calls.



English 2



Reading for pleasure


Maths 2

English 3

Virtual Storytime on Teams with Miss Hinch


Phonics/ spelling games on Spelling shed



World book day activities

Live teams’ session with Miss Hinch


World book day activities


Maths 3

English 4

Topic 2



This week in Maths we are going to be moving on to money. We are going to be recognising coins and notes and adding with coins. All of the resources you need for this week are below and there is a video in the Resource Centre to support your learning.

For your starters this week, I would like you to carry on practising your number bonds to 10 on Maths shed. I would like you to practise the inverse this week. Once you have clicked on number bonds to 10, click the subtraction (-) option. 


Tuesday's Arithmetic - CGP Mental work out book page 13


In our English lessons this week, we are going to planning, writing, editing and publishing our Non-fiction pages/ booklets. I would for you to bring these into school when we are back so I can put them on our display. The resources you need are below and there is a video in the Resource Centre explaining our learning an activities for the week.  


We are going to be continuing going over some of the ‘trickier’ sounds this week. You will need your sounds mats, word mats and phonics CGP book. All of the other resources that you need are below.


This week in Science we have got something very exciting. We are going to be weather presenters! We will be using our knowledge from last week to help us produce our very own weather forecast. Feel free to dress up and use props! There is a video in the Resource Centre that explains this activity further. There are also resource below that you may want to use.


This week we have got 2 Topic lessons. Both lessons involve going for walks in your local area so you may plan to do these activities on different days, weather depending.

Lesson 1 – Today you are going to be going for a walk in your local area looking for Human and Physical Geography features. If you need to recap what Human and Physical Geography features are, I have attached a PowerPoint below to help you. For this activity you will need a piece of paper folder into quarters (see below). You will then have 8 boxes, 4 on the front and 4 on the back. When on your walk and when you spot a Human or Physical Geography feature – sketch it (remember to use your short, light strokes when sketching). You may also want to take pictures of the feature to finishing adding detail when you get home. I would love to see your sketches and your pictures.

Whilst on your walk you will also need to collect a stick (around 30cm long). You will need to take this home and wash it in preparation for lesson 2.

Lesson 2 - For this lesson you are going to go on another walk around your local area and create a journey stick (You can find more information about what this is and how to do it below).

Whilst on your walk I would like you to see if you can find any pollution in your local area. There are different examples of pollution you might see for example: water, air, land, noise and light. If you spot any pollution in your area take a picture and have a think about how this might be affecting your local area. For example: lots of litter (land pollution) doesn’t look very nice and it is dangerous to animals. Once you get back from your walk there is a story about litter below for you to read with an adult.


This week’s spellings are below, try spending 5 minutes each day practising your spellings. You can also use spelling shed to help you practise your spellings. On Friday log in to spelling shed and complete Spring 2 Week 2 spelling test and send me your scores. Good Luck!


For this week’s SPaG activity, please complete page 36 of your Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling CGP book.


This week in PE we are continuing with our Athletics. Our focus this week: being running over obstacles. I would like you to set your self up an obstacle course with a variety of items from around your house or garden. Starting at a walking pace, explore different ways of getting over the different obstacles. Once confident try moving over the obstacles at a faster pace, taking the obstacles in your stride. 


Reading for pleasure - Use this time to read something you enjoy.

Reading cold task - Read the text below and answer the questions either on the sheet or in your writing book. 

Reading comprehension – CGP book page 15 and 16


World Book Day – Thursday 4th March!

On Thursday it is world book day. One whole day dedicated to reading and enjoying stories, what could be better? Although, it is slightly different this year I would still like us to have a great day. If you have a costume at home put it on and join in with some of the fabulous activities I have planned. Have a look at the video in the Resource Centre explaining what you can get up to. 


I would love to see what you get up to so please send me lots of pictures!

Pictures from World Book Day

Learning from this week