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This week in Art, we would have been making our clay pots. Do not worry, we will still make these when we are back together for our last 3 days!


So in today's Art lesson, I thought we could create some Art work for your new Honeybee Class!


Here are some ideas for what you might choose to create. You can choose one of these ideas or one of your own!


Please send me a picture of what you have created to Rachael.Lineker@infinityacademies.co.uk


I would love to see what you create and add your photos to our Twitter and photo showcase on our class page. I will also share them with Mrs Davies for you!


Step-by-step drawing of a Honeybee

Follow this link to watch a step-by-step guide of how to draw a honeybee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ho4aUHY6fss 


Upcycled bee craft

Do you have a spare egg box, some card or paper and some paint or felt tips? Could you create a busy bee like the one below?


Buzz buzz bee finger puppet!

Grab some paper or card and create a buzzy bee with two holes at the bottom for your fingers. Ta da you have a bee finger puppet!


Bee pet rock

Have you got a spare rock in your garden and some paint or marker pens? Maybe you could make a bee pet rock? :)