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Week 1



This week we are starting our transition onto the Letterland scheme by assessing what the children have remembered after their holiday and introducing them to the Letterland characters. We will be introducing the children to the characters s, a, t, p, i, m, d, g and o this week. Please help your child as they watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJay4vFhqJU&list=PLcUoA7uh8i6B8OiVuhKhNTMm34R39oIzj which should take you to a playlist of Letterland characters being introduced.


Please upload onto Tapestry any drawings of the Letterland characters that your child has done. Maybe they could also write, draw or cut out pictures to stick around the character that all have the character's sound at the beginning of their word.


This week we will be using the context of garden birds to support our maths development. We will be counting irregular arrangements of birds and comparing the size of groups of birds to decide where there is more and less. 

Irregular just means not in an orderly fashion so not in a straight line or lined up in pairs.

You could use anything to support your children counting irregular arrangements - scatter socks around on an area of floor or maybe pour some pasta onto a plate.

We will also be starting to learn about creating regular ABAB patterns by creating simple colour patterns using cubes/blocks.

ABAB pattern is a pattern that repeats with just 2 units e.g. red block, blue block, red block, blue block...

Maybe of your child has Lego they could make some ABAB patterns or again use anything like forks and spoons.


Please upload photos onto Tapestry of your child's maths learning.

Understanding The World

This week we are learning about blackbirds. Use the RSPB's website https://www.rspb.org.uk/birds-and-wildlife/wildlife-guides/bird-a-z/blackbird/

to find out some interesting facts about these birds. Encourage your child to look closely at the pictures on here so that they can begin to recognise blackbirds and also realise that female and male blackbirds do not look the same. 

Have a look at the map at the bottom of the page and show your child where Wyberton is - ask them if we should be able to see blackbirds in our gardens.


Please upload any interesting things that your child says about blackbirds onto Tapestry.


This week the children are going to be encouraged to show their drawing skills by being asked to draw a blackbird. Try to find a clear image of one on the internet and ask your child to look closely at it and try to draw and colour what they see.


Please upload their artwork onto Tapestry.


In school we will be using the gymnastics equipment to develop our climbing skills which could be challenging at home. A safer way for the children to develop their strength and balance at home would be to explore the Cosmic Kids Yoga channel on YouTube. Choose a routine and encourage your child to copy the moves.


Take a couple of photos of them taking part and upload them to Tapestry.