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Term 6

Welcome to Term 6!

Welcome to our 6th and final term. This term is a busy and exciting term for our Kingfisher Class. With 2 class trips booked and lots of exciting learning to take place you won't want to miss it. This term we are staying local and learning all about 1 of our local heroes - William Leverton. We will discuss why he is a local hero and study a variety of sources to help us learn more about him. We will then finally compare his large scale farming to a small scale farming, before finally showcasing all of our work and home learning in our 'mini museum'. 

Boston Market Stall - our authentic outcome. 
Today was a very exciting day!! All of the Kingfisher Class went to Boston Market to sell their fruit and vegetables they have been growing. We took along our non- chronological reports to share all of the wonderful work we produced last term around planting the seeds to grow our vegetables and how to make our tasty chutneys and jams. We brought along our tea towels we had hand printed with fruits and vegetables and some of our honey produced from our school bees! We sold EVERYTHING and made £150 in profit which will be put back into the school to help next years projects. Well done Kingfisher Class and thank you to those who purchased some of our produce. 

Enquiry - Who are our local heroes? 
Our key driver for our enquiry this term is history. 
In our first lesson, we discussed what we already knew about local heroes and made a list of the different qualities we think a hero should have. We then learnt about one of our local heroes- William Leverton and the Leverton brothers. We learnt all about how they moved to Dyke Fen, near Bourne and how they provided lots of our local area with food. We wrote fact files about our local heroes and discussed the qualities they must of had. 


In our second week of our enquiry we discussed how we can get information from different sources. We observed a range of photographs to try and learn more about our local heroes. We made a list of the things that we could see and then used our inference skills to think about what this might tell us. 


Today we had some very exciting visitors in the Kingfisher Class. Paul and Jerry from Willoughby food allotments came and spoke to us about what they do and the differences between farming on a large scale compared to farming on a small scale. 


In our English lessons this term we will be retelling the Narrative 'The secret sky garden' by Linda Sarah and Fiona Lumbers. 


In our first English lesson we identified the features of a narrative and then found these in a modelled text. 




Gathering vocabulary

In our English lesson today we were gathering rich vocabulary to describe and compared two different settings in our story, the Secret Sky Garden. We started off by looking at the settings and recording our first thoughts as a class. In groups we then used a thesaurus to up-level our vocabulary choices before individually recording these in our books.   

Science - Animals including humans.

In our Science lessons this term we will be looking at the lifecycle of humans and a variety of animals. We will then look more closely at what an animal and human needs to survive and the importance of exercise, hygiene and eating the right foods.


In our first Science lesson we took our learning outside, identifying, naming and matching adult animals to their offspring. 





We then sorted the adults and their offspring into 2 groups. Group 1 - adults that look like their offspring and group 2 - adults that do not look like their off spring. 


In our third Science lesson we learnt about life cycles of different animals. We ordered the cycle and discussed the important changes that happen at each stage. We used our observational skills to pick out how animals bodies change. 


Our new unit in Maths is position and direction.

Today we recapped the language we learnt in year 1 including: left, right, up and down. We discussed the difference between up and forward and down and backwards and then put this into practise by directing our partner around that classroom. 





This term in Art our artist is Lynn Flavell, who creates prints out of fruits and vegetables. Her work is inspired by the Spanish markets, whereby they arrange their fruits and vegetable in patterns. 

After learning all about Lynn Flavell, we explored printing with different fruits and vegetables, talking about the process and how to create a clear print. 

The Kingfisher Class are very happy with their final artwork! We cannot wait to sell these on our market stall.


Sports Day

We have had an excellent sports morning today. Participating in our track events: sprinting, skipping, egg and spoon and the obstacle race. We showed great sportsmanship  by cheering on others in our class and other classes and determination and resilience when participating in the different track events. Thank you to all the parents who came and watched us. We had a great morning! 

Computing - We are zoologists 

This term in computing we are going on bug hunts, collecting data and creating charts and digit maps. 

In our first computing lesson we went on a bug hunt to see what what bugs we can find in our local area and what habitats they live in. 


Today in our PSHE lesson, we were learning about helpful and unhelpful feedback. To practise giving helpful feedback we worked in pairs guiding our blindfolded partner around an obstacle course.