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W/C 17.05.2021

Hello my little foxes at home,

How are you? We are all missing you and can't wait for you to be back in class. I hope that you had a great time yesterday, learning about water and sun safety. Below you will find a timetable for the rest of this week.

 Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4Lesson 5
Tuesday 18thMathsEnglishGuided Reading and SpellingsP.E.Computing



MathsEnglishGuided Reading and SpellingsScienceTopic
Thursday 20thMaths ArithmeticEnglishGuided Reading and SpellingsP.E.P.S.H.E.



MathsEnglishGuided Reading and SpellingsArtScience



Now that we have completed our learning about fractions, we have now moved on to Measurement: length and perimeter. This week we will be identifying equivalent measurements in cm and m. Look out for a photograph of our working wall that will be displayed here to support you with your learning this week. There are some PowerPoint slides to help you with each lesson.


In English this week, we are going to be exploring the features of a diary entry so that we can identify these independently as well as understanding the purpose of each one. We will build on our understanding of the story of Cinderella of the Nile so that we can place the events in chronological order. Keep an eye out for photos of our working wall as we progress through the week.

Guided Reading

Each day there will be a focus on each part of VIPERS as we continue to explore the diary entry of Amun (See page 1 of Guided Reading document). Please see the text that we are using for Guided Reading this week. The questions that we will be answering are on different documents, labelled with the date.


 This week's spelling pattern is:

words ending with the /g/ sound spelled ‘–gue’ and the /k/ sound spelt ‘–que.’  These words are French in origin. 

Use this time to practice writing your spellings, completing the assignments on Spelling Shed, and completing the extra activities below. Try and choose something different to do each day.


As we know how important being active is, have a look at the activities below to complete whilst at home.


 In this lesson, we are going to practice our typing skills. Click on the link below to play the typing games. You can choose to type single letters, words, or even whole sentences.

Computing Link



In this Science lesson, you will plan an investigation to find out what plants need to grow well. Have a look at the PowerPoint slides, before choosing a factor to investigate. You will then need to plan your investigation using the planning sheet below. When you are back in school, you will be able to set your investigation up.


In this lesson, you will learn more about the roles people had in Ancient Egyptian Society. The PowerPoint will explain this lesson in more detail.


LO. To understand what privacy and personal boundaries are, including online

In this lesson, we will explore how to keep ourselves safe by identifying boundaries and understanding what things are private. Use the PowerPoint to go through this lesson and then answer the scenario sheet questions.



In this lesson we are exploring how seeds can be dispersed. Look through the PowerPoint and then classify the seeds according to how they are dispersed.

17.05.2021 Water and Sun Safety Day

Today is Water and Sun Safety day. We will be learning about how to stay safe in the sun and when we are near water. If you click on the document below, all of today's lessons are on there and follow one another. For the reading comprehension, please look at pages 6-9 of the additional document below. Everything else is on the main document for today.