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Term 1- What is it like where we live?

School Council

We had a very exciting campaign week and there were several children who performed speeches to our class. The children listened carefully and voted for the children they thought would represent their voice well demonstrating great democracy.


We have been learning about our local area and the purpose of maps. We have used maps of the classroom, navigated around our playground and gone on a longer adventure around the school grounds to create our own map with landmarks.


We have been learning about sculptures and have used clay to create our own. The children used playdough first to explore the skills used to mould designs and then applied these skills to their clay flowers.  


The children have been using things found in our outdoor area to use. They used conkers, leaves, pine cones and sticks to match numbers and their value.


We have been reading the book ‘Home’ and discussing different types of homes. We shared our preferences about what we would or would not like to live in. The Owls have been focusing on writing simple sentences punctuated correctly with capital letters and full stops.


We have been learning about plants and the season of Autumn. We have explored the structure of a plant and different types of trees including oak, horse chestnut, cherry, apple and pine trees. We have then learnt about evergreen trees and deciduous trees and the difference between them.

Parent Event

The Owls had a fantastic afternoon exploring our school grounds with our families. We have been learning about our environment, the season of autumn and what you can find that represents autumn.

The Owls and their families used autumnal treasures found in the school ground to use to create outdoor art.


This term the children have been learning ball skills with their feet. They have been practising dribbling using the inside and outside of their feet to control the ball. 


This term the Owls have been learning about 'Me and My Relationships' including what different feelings we experience, how to handle them and how to be a good friend.

Teamwork Reward Time

This term the Owls have worked hard as a team to earn marbles in our jar. These were awarded when the Owls showed they were working together, showing kindness and supporting each other. As a reward, at the end of time, we had some choosing time, made rice crispy cakes and some extra playtime.