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Road Safety & Cycle Safety

Road Safety forms a large part of our 'keeping safe' curriculum. As well as our annual Road Safety week (in collaboration with Brake - the road safety charity), we teach many aspects of road safety.

Crossing roads: kids know best

This film is to teach children between ages 3 to 6 about road safety.


Now that you are road safety experts, look at the image below and see if you can spot the dangerous or unsafe parts. 



Top tips for cycle safety


Tip 1: Choosing the right bike

It's important you choose the right bike for you - if it's too big or too small this could be unsafe. Watch this clip on how to choose the right bike for you!


Tip 2: Learning how to cycle

It's important to learn how to cycle safely especially if you are going to be out and about on or near the road. The clip below explains what you should do to cycle on a road safely.


Tip 3: Bike maintenance

It is important that you check your bike regularly and each time before you go on a bike ride.


Tip 4: Have fun and explore

Now you're ready to explore and have fun. Always remember to stay safe and stay with an adult.


Tip 5: Be safe

When riding a bike remember to:

  • always wear a helmet
  • wear bright colours
  • check your tyres and brakes work before you ride
  • take care when cycling on roads
  • choose a bike which is the right size for you



In Year 5, all children are strongly encouraged to take part in the Bikeability programme. All children who take part learn key aspects of cycle safety, not just on the school grounds but also in the local area. With the programme trainers, the children ride their bicycles around Parthian Avenue, Saundergate Lane and many other local areas. 


Click here to view the Bikeability website, where you can explore presentations about the Bikeability programme. 


As part of our learning, some children have been exploring what makes a reflective jacket so reflective! They then used this information to design their own jackets, considering which materials and colours would make them as safe as possible for us to wear. 



Some of our children have been learning about the importance of wearing a helmet when cycling. This is a message which we share with the children very regularly - helmets really can save lives. Here, Mrs Davies is showing the children how protective helmets can be.


Our Nursery children are learning about road safety as part of our Road Safety Day and P.S.H.E sessions. They explored what traffic lights do and how they look, along with exploring when it is safe to cross roads.



We are also very lucky to have the support of our local PCSOs. PCSO Neil has led different sessions with our children, including introducing our EYFS children to the role of the police and how they can help us.