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This week in Maths we are going to be continuing our learning about decimals! You have been making such great progress with this is class, so I cannot wait to see you further your learning this week.

Below is an outline of the lesson including the worksheet and answers, and a link to a White Rose video to get you started. Over the week I will add supporting videos to our Video Resource Centre

Don't forget to email me your work so that I can provide feedback, or book in with me and we can talk through it together.

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Monday 29th March

LO: To make a whole from tenths or hundredths


In today's lesson, we are going to be using our knowledge of tenths and hundredths to make one whole. Remember, there are ten tenths in one whole. This video will help you with this lesson:



This link has been updated! Apologies, the one that was there this morning was not working!


Here are today's activities and answers. Try to complete as many questions as you can (please note page 2 has some questions repeated but it won't let me edit this!)

Tuesday 30th March

LO: To read and write decimals and show the value of each digit


In today's lesson, we are going to read and write numbers with decimals and understand
the value of each digit. We will show our understanding of place value by partitioning
numbers with decimals in different ways.


Here is a video to help you with today's learning:



Below are our activities and answers for you to mark your work:

Wednesday 31st March

LO: To compare decimals


In today's lesson, we shall be comparing decimals with up to two decimal places. We will use our understanding of 0 as a place holder when making a comparison.


Here is a video which will help you with your learning:



Below are your activities and answers. Don't forget to email me your work and I can support you with your learning!