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Online Learning W/C 13th December

Hello stay at home Foxes. 

Welcome to week three of our online learning. You have been amazing, completing the work set in previous weeks to such a high standard! You have been super and we are very near to the end of the term and Christmas. Keep going and keep growing by taking part in the learning below and I look forward to seeing you before the end of term! 


Morning work

Lesson 1

Lesson 2 – after break

Lesson 3

Lesson 4 – after dinner


Read for pleasure

Maths lesson 1 – Number bonds practise.

Guided reading/English lesson 1

Guided reading/English lesson 1 continued.  



Read for pleasure

Maths lesson 2 – making equal groups.

Guided reading lesson 2

English lesson 2

Christmas activities 


Read for pleasure

Maths lesson 3 – addition and subtraction test.

Guided reading lesson 3  

English lesson 3




English and Guided Reading 

This week is poetry week and by Friday we will have created and performed our own poem! The poem that our learning is based on is called 'A Recipe for Winter' and has been attached as a PDF below. 


English/Guided Reading lesson 1 - please can you spend this lesson reading the poem and answering the following questions: 

What do you like about the poem? 

What do you dislike about the poem? 

Why might someone read a poem at this time of year? 


English lesson 2 - for this lesson you will need a thesaurus or access to the internet to use thesaurus.com. This lesson will be spent gathering adventurous vocabulary to help us write our poems on Friday. To complete this activity you will need to watch the clip below of when Lucy discovers Narnia and write as many adjective words as you can think of to describe what you might see/smell/touch/hear/taste during winter. Once you have done this please use a thesaurus to find synonyms for the words you have written. 



Guided reading lesson 2 - Please use a dictionary to find and write definitions for any unfamiliar words within the poem. 


English lesson 3 - Please find and complete the punctuation, spelling and grammar activity worksheet below. This will aid you in your understanding of our learning so far this year. 


Guided reading lesson 3 - Please complete the reading comprehension activity below by reading the text and answering the questions. 


Maths lesson 1 - Please take this time to practise your number bonds to 100 (addition and subtraction) using the link below to access the relevant website. Once you have entered the website press 'play game' and click on number bonds. 



Maths lesson 2 - Making equal groups. We have began to learn about multiplication and division and during this lesson I would like you to complete the worksheet focusing on how to make equal groups. Please use the link below to watch video seven that explains the focus. 



Maths lesson 3 - As we have moved on from learning about addition and subtraction, it would be super if you could answer the questions on the document below to show just how much you have learnt. 



This term in R.E. we have been learning about Islam. Please can you fill in the mindmap below writing everything you know about the religion. Once you have completed this, please can you create your own Islamic symbol based on the beliefs and information you have retrieved. Please use the link below to help you with your understanding of the religion. 




This week in P.E. I would like you to get active by taking part in some yoga by following the link below. 


Christmas activities lesson

During this time we will be making our class business Christmas product. Please can you take this time to do something you enjoy - this could be Christmas baking, Christmas colouring, mindfulness breathing etc.