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Term 4 - Where on Earth are we?

Term 4 - Where on Earth are we? 

This term our Enquiry driver is Geography and we are learning more about our world - improving our locational knowledge through identifying the position and significance of latitude, longitude, the Equator, Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. 


As with previous Terms, subjects from across the curriculum have been carefully tailored for cross-curricular links with our Enquiry.



The lines on a map/globe.

We began our learning by retrieving some of our knowledge from Year 1 - What are the seven continents and five oceans? We really enjoyed listening to the songs to help us recall this learning and we were able to show off our understanding by pointing these out on an inflatable globe! 


We continued the lesson by learning another catchy song which we recap each week explaining the lines of latitude and longitude. We explored this further by looking at a 2D map and we found that longitudinal lines go from north to south whilst latitudinal lines go from horizontally around the Earth. 


Many of us first thought that these lines were real and could be seen from space but this was soon addressed and we learnt that the lines actually help us to find locations. We showed our understanding of this knowledge by annotating our own maps with lines of latitude and longitude as well as continents and oceans. 

This is our world

This is our world 

We made our own paper mache so that we can create our own world, showing what we have learnt over the weeks by labelling and drawing on it. 

Lines of latitude

This week we explored lines of latitude in more detail. We learnt about the Arctic and Antarctic Polars as well as the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. We were able to identify these on a world map and explain that the Tropics are the hottest climate on Earth due to its distance to the Equator. 


Today we finished our Enquiry ‘Where on Earth are we?’ 
we used Google Maps and co-ordinates to find locations using longitudinal and latitudinal lines. 
We were amazed at the preciseness of the locations that we found using the co-ordinates. We spend the remainder of the lesson showing what we have learnt this Term. We drew our longitudinal and latitudinal lines on our globes and presented our understanding of these different lines to the class. 


In English this Term we are revisiting narrative writing. Having already studied this genre in the Autumn Term, focusing on character and setting descriptions, we were excited to get started!


We are learning about animals including humans, building upon our previous learning from Year 2. 


This Term we are completing our multiplication and division unit and also learning about money and statistics. It is another busy Term full of lots of exciting learning opportunities! 

Value of money

We used plastic money to identify the worth of different coins and notes. We really enjoyed this as most of us admitted to not being exposed to money very often because of our use of bank cards. 

Subtracting money

Now that we knew the value of different money we were able to add two amounts of money by adding the pounds and adding the pence. We went on to create our own song in the rhyme of Wheels on the Bus to help us remember how many pence were in a pound. 


100 pence is in one pound, 

100 pence is in one pound, 

100 pence is in one pound, 

All day long. 

By applying all of our previous learning of money we were able to role play as shop keeper and customer and purchase different objects. We learnt about the term 'change' and found that it was the money we received back after purchasing something. 


This Term in P.E. we are learning how to play dodgeball. 


This week we learnt how to dodge a ball and the importance of dodging a ball. We found that it was all about our awareness of what was around us and we had to check constantly in all directions. We dodged each other in a small square whilst jogging in different directions and it was harder than we first thought but with great perseverance we succeeded! 

Throwing in dodgeball.

We learnt how to aim and throw a ball in dodgeball with accuracy in order to hit a target. We found that using an overhead throw gave us the greatest balance between power and accuracy and the practise led to fantastic efforts.