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How has crime changed throughout time? Term 4

The trial of Robin Hood

We ended last term with the amazing trial of Robin Hood, where the children were able to showcase their amzing writing skills when presenting their persuasive speeches.


Emotions graphs in English

The children have been able to transfer their mathematical skills across to our English lessons, when analysing how the author creates a range of emotions throughout a chapter.

Understanding authorial intent

The have spent some time analysing how the author sets the scene within a chapter, before applying their findings to their own writing.

Published work

After working extremely hard to plan, draft, edit and improve their work, the children have spent time publishing their beautiful work. 

Authentic outcome

In Art this term, we have been looking at the work by Charles Keeping. We then explored the techniques that he uses in his drawings. Then we created our own drawing based on our learning and this became the front cover of the narratives that we had written and this was a fantastic authentic outcome.

Drawings based on the work of Charles Keeping

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Fractions in Maths

The children have worked incredibly hard to apply their understanding of finding the common denominator to a range of problem solving and reasoning questions.

We also moved onto decimals and the value of each digit after the decimal point.

Forest School

The children have been applying their learning about different types of knots to create different swings. They were able to problem solve to find a suitable branch to use for their swing. They then had to work as team to throw the rope over- which took a lot of resilience! Then, the children needed to work out how to tie the knots to make sure the swing was at a suitable height.

In these photos, you will also see the outcome of a few weeks where a group of children have been planning to add the old christmas tree to their den- the look of pride on their faces, says it all!

World Book Day 2022

The children had the most amazing day!

Reading with other year groups, paired reading with Year 1, Reading with their parents, dressing up in their favourite characters and spending time doing a scavenger hunt in books to find specifc words or phrases!

PCSO visit

We spent the afternoon discussing online safety with the PCSO's and Year 6.

We discussed a range of strategies to keep ourselves safe and analysed a video of potential dangers.

Mother's Day Cards

The children used their knowledge and skills from previous years to creat a beautiful water coloured painting of some flowers. Each one beautiful, each one unique.

Mother's Day Cards

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