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Spring 1

Term Three

This term our Enquiry question is 'Why is climate important?' and this threads throughout our subjects including Science, DT and English. We are hosting our Class Assembly this term with the focus on internet safety and we will be visiting the Church to learn more about the Holy Trinity as part of our Religious Education Studies. 

Church visit 

We visited the church to find out more about lent and Shrove Tuesday. We enjoyed learning new facts and building on our learning from our R.E. lessons. 

Internet Safety Day

As part of Internet Safety Day, we learnt about some of the dangers and risks of being online. We ordered them based on the risk we think they pose to us and discussed how we should respond in these situations. We know that we should always tell a trusted adult and report this type of behaviour online. 

Enquiry - Why is climate important? 

We are learning about the different climates and biomes around the world as we explore what life is like in different regions. We are using our Computing skills and knowledge learnt to support us with researching about different biomes and the animals and plants that live there. 

In this lesson we researched the Sahara desert to find out more about what the arid forest biome is like. We researched and created a non-chronological report that included facts about the location, climate, animals and plants of this biome. 


This term's English writing genres are setting descriptions and non-chronological reports. This links with our Enquiry question as we are writing a setting description about the Amazon Rainforest and a non-chronological weather report about our local weather and climate. 

In this lesson we are exploring and identifying the features of a weather report. 


Our Science topic this term is called animals including humans. This will include learning about diets (healthy and unhealthy), different skeleton types and muscles. 

We learnt about a balanced, healthy diet and learnt that there are no unhealthy foods, only unhealthy diets. We know that we have to eat foods from all the food groups for us to stay healthy. 

Design and Technology

This term, we are learning how to make a vegetarian meal, ratatouille with spaghetti. We will be learning about why we have chosen this meal and how it is made. We will be creating our own plan and using our cutting skills to prepare the ingredients ready for us to cook, taste and evaluate our meal. 

We spent the afternoon preparing our ingredients ready to cook and taste our ratatouille dish. we used the claw method to cut the vegetables. 

We enjoyed cooking our ratatouille! We quickly learnt that we had to keep stirring the vegatables otherwise they would stick to the bottom of the pan. 

Yummy! We enjoyed tasting our savoury meal, trying new ingredients.


This term we will be learning how to play tennis.  

We have learnt how to outwit an opponent by aiming to put the ball in the opposite corners of our opponent's side of the court. We know that we have to keep on our toes so that we are ready to return the ball. 


Our learning continued as we introduced rackets and learnt how to hold it with two hands, using a forehand shot to hit the ball to our partner before trying to outwit them!