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English and Big Write

Monday 1st February


LO: To publish my leaflet, thinking carefully about my intended audience


In today's lesson we are going to continue publishing our leaflets, thinking carefully about the needs of the reader. 


Keep using your plan from Thursday's lesson and think carefully about where you are going to position your writing and your images or drawings. Please continue to take your time to do this.


I am super excited to see your finished work and if you send it to me then I will add it to a special slideshow on our class page to show your work off to the world!


If you have already finished publishing your work on Friday, then in today's lesson, I would like you to complete pages 76 and 77 suffixes double letters in your KS2 English Targeted Question Book: Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling - Year 4. I have chosen this activity as these words are commonly spelt incorrectly in Year 4! smiley

Remember to read this section first (at the top of the page) to help you:

Then mark your answers using the answers at the back of the book.


Tuesday 2nd February 

Big Write


In today's Big Write, we are going to tell the story of the greatest library ever made!

We are going to write our stories for my exciting writing competition where there are prizes to be won!

Watch this video and read the document below to help you with this task.

I cannot wait to read your entries!

Wednesday 3rd February

LO: To share our likes and dislikes about poetry


Over the next few lessons, we are going to be starting a new poetry genre! As a school, we have signed up to the Festival of Literature! Over the next week, there will be special videos for us to watch where poets and authors will be sharing their poems and stories, as well as giving us hints and tips about writing! You will recognise some of these authors, but some might be new to you too. On Thursday, the poet Rachel Rooney is going to share some of her poems from ‘A Kid in my Class’ which is a book with a collection of poetry. I will share the link with you to watch this when it goes live on the website on Thursday.


Guess what Badgers? I LOVE poetry and in today’s English Video in the Video Resource Centre, I have shared a couple of my favourite poems and a couple of poems I had not heard before. In today’s lesson, I would like you to reflect on your likes and dislikes about these poems and poetry in general.


You need to open the document below for your task.

I have also included the poems for you below in case you wish to read them again.


Here are the links to the poets reading their poem too, if you would like to watch them again:

The Poet by Rachel Rooney

Poetry Pie by Roger McGough

Please Mrs Butler by Allan Ahlberg



Thursday 4th February

An exciting lesson from the Festival of Literature


As I said in yesterday's video, we signed up to the Festival of Literature and today's lesson will be live at 11.15 on their website. The poet Rachel Rooney shall be reading some of her poems - I cannot wait! Click here to watch the video at 11.15 this morning

If you miss it, do not worry! You can watch it any time after 12.15 by following the same link above.

Here is some information about the poet:

Friday 5th February 

In today’s lesson, we are going to watch yesterday’s live session with Rachel Rooney. We tried to watch it in school yesterday but the video link was not ready for us to use. I have checked again and the video is now there! I am not sure if any of you managed to watch this from home yesterday. All you need to do is click here, then scroll down to where it says Rachel Rooney and click replay. The screenshot below should show you what to look for.




If you have already seen it, then spend time today reading poetry, listening to poems (Michael Rosen is my fave! Search for his poetry on YouTube!) and maybe even have a go at beginning to write your own poem? Enjoy!