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Fire Safety

It is so important to stay safe around fire and to take action to keep our homes and classrooms safe from fire.


- Each year, EYFS children (Nursery and Reception) have a visit from the local fire service department to explore a fire engine.

- Later in Key Stage One, children learn about the Great Fire of London and apply this knowledge to exploring how people in 1666 could have stayed safe.

- In Key Stage Two, children then explore general safety in the home and actions to improve fire safety.


Some of the EYFS children with the fire engine, learning how it works, how it can keep us safe and what a fantastic, helpful job fire fighters do. 




The below websites provide lots of different activities and useful pieces of information which can help to learn more about fire safety. 


Fireworks can be great fun to watch on Bonfire Night, and sparklers can be lots of fun too! However, it is so important that these are used safely. Each year, we remind the children of key safety advice for fireworks as we really don't want anyone to get injured. 


Here is a really useful firework code: