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Safety Around the Home

An important aspect of safety includes how children can be safe at home. In our P.S.H.E curriculum and in assemblies, we teach about hazards in school - as well as those in our houses - and how to promote personal safety. This can include:


- Electrical dangers.

- Fire safety.

- Water safety.

- Safety around our homes and in the local area.


One of our mottos before the start of each half term break is: Stay safe! The children at Wyberton Primary Academy are reminded of this constantly and adults model good safety measures and discussions. We learn about when to call the emergency services and the support & help that they can offer. 


We can call 999:

  • if there is a fire in a house and ask for the fire brigade

  • if someone is ill or injured and ask for an ambulance

  • if someone does something wrong, like causes a fight in your home or breaks into your house and ask for the police


The support we have from the fire service and the police really help us to know how we can keep safe. 


Have a look at these videos below, aimed for EYFS/KS1 children, of how we can be safe at home:

P.I. Plug's Home Safety Video

Hey kids! Want to become a Safety Detective? Take a trip with ESFI's mascot, Private I. Plug, and help him spot common home electrical and fire dangers in the home.

Kids Safety

Learn how to stay safe around electricity.

Fireman Sam - Safety in the Home! 🔥

Learn with Fireman Sam how to be safe in the home!


Here are some links which take you to child-friendly websites to learn more about staying safe at home. There are some interactive activities, videos and lots of useful pieces of information to help. 

EYFS learning about how the emergency services can help us