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How does Boston fit into the world?

A Suspicious Suspect

On our first day back, something very strange happened. A mysterious figure had  left a mess in the classroom full of plastic! Year three spent the morning investigating it and finding all of the clues. They will be writing a newspaper report about it over the next few weeks!

How much sugar is in your diet?

The children used their maths skills to analyse how much sugar there were in three people's diets. They researched the effects of having too much sugar in a diet and whilst deepening their knowledge of a balanced diet. They then made suggestions about how the people could improve their diet.

Retrieval Skills of food groups

Today we headed outside to test out our learning of food groups and which foods belong in each. We had a huge food group chart on the playground and the children ran to which group they thought the food that Mrs Davies shouted out belonged to. They childrenthenused this knowledge to analyse some recipes in the first part of our learning or DT this term, where we will be making soups from around the world!

What is it like inside a mosque?

The children enjoyed their trip to the mosque where we learnt more about this wonderful religion. 

We were able to explore the different parts of the mosque in more detail and take part in a discussion about muslim traditions. 

World Book Day 2020

Year 3 took part in a range of activities all based around our favourite thing to do-READING!

We came to school in our Pyjamas, wrote book reviews, drew a character just from a written description using our inference skills, acted out different stories, shared books with Year 6. What an amazing day!